Shuffle Festival

Shuffle Festival is an annual event in Mile End, this year exploring the role that myth, belief and reverence has in humanity. The festival takes on the style of an ancient all-night festival of the gods, with 24 hours of films, science, talks, walks, performance, food and music taking place in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park on 9th July 2016.

Minima and Stephen Horne have been specially commissioned to write and perform a music score to William Raban’s acclaimed 1986 Thames Film. Described by Peter Ackroyd as a film of ‘beauty, sublimity and terror’, the film travels along the river length creating a reflective, ambivalent approach to cinematic Modernism. Narrated by John Hurt, it incorporates archive film from 1921-1951, panoramic photographs taken in 1937, Brueghel the Elder’s painting Triumph of Death and T.S. Eliot reading Four Quartets. Raban centres a study of the sites of modernity, and the meanings that time has inscribed into them, on the Thames. Minima’s score works in, with and around the film’s original soundtrack, picking out rhythms, tones and visual elements to complement and intensify the film. Thames Film will screen at 10:30pm.

Earlier in the evening, at 9:30pm, Minima will accompany the 1928 avant-garde cult classic The Seashell and the Clergyman. This was Minima’s first film soundtrack, which we performed extensively back in 2006. Made by Germaine Dulac in 1928, it is beguiling, dreamlike and enigmatic – a real cult classic.


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