Minima have written soundtracks for a number of popular silent feature films, as well as some more unusual films. The titles below represent what we are currently touring and performing. Other scores include the Soviet science fiction caper Aelita, Queen of Mars, the underground cult French avant-garde film The Seashell and the Clergyman, the Japanese drama Crossways, the Romanian melodrama Manasse and the British silent noir Piccadilly.

Film clips with our scores are on the pages below, with more available on our YouTube page.

We have “rescored” a number of sound films, in each case incorporating dialogue and other elements of the original soundtrack into our performance. Programmes of shorts include a collection of Lotte Reiniger’s delightful 1950s silhouette animations, the minimalist silent film H2O, Germaine Dulac’s short films, and themed programmes on the subjects of science and nature.

PhantomThe Phantom of the Opera

The classic 1925 thriller starring Lon Chaney, the “Man of a Thousand Faces”, as the disfigured Phantom, wreaking havoc beneath the sewers of the Paris Opera House.


One of the silent era’s masterpieces. Its eerie, Gothic feel – and chilling performance from Max Shrek as the vampire – set the template for horror films that followed. Darkly humorous and tender too – this is a story of yearning and the search for fulfilment.

LodgerThe Lodger

Set in a foggy and unsettled London with a Jack the Ripper type serial killer on the loose, this is Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece of atmospheric thriller filmmaking, containing many of his subsequent trademark themes, and also features his first recognisable film cameo.


CaligariThe Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

The quintessential German Expressionist film masterpiece. Robert Wiene’s distorted sets, sinister shadows and unnerving characters creating a paranoid, unreal world at a time of despair throughout Europe.


Carl Th. Dreyer’s early sound film retains the look and feel of a silent, but is an altogether more modern affair – chilling and enigmatic. Minima collaborate and perform with renowned pianist Stephen Horne.