Caligari Compass

The Caligari Experience

In 2013, the Compass Presents group devised a multi-media event based around The Cabinet of Dr. CaligariThe Caligari Experience had its first shows in March 2014 at Motion, Bristol. Minima continue to perform the film independently as a “straight” show, as well as providing the live soundtrack to performances of The Caligari Experience.

The production won the 2015 Media Innovation Awards Installation/Exhibition/Live Event category.



For more information visit the Caligari Experience website.

“Experience cinema like never before…

The show presents silent-cinema classic The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari in triple screen panorama, around which a 3D projection-mapped set allows the scenes of this beautifully realized film to expand out into the space. These exquisitely created environments (created through original techniques of hand painting, digitizing and animating for projection) unfold via digital mapping, pulling the audience into the crooked Gothic world of the film. Within this immersive setting the cast perform, peopling the film’s streets and spaces with physical theatre, circus, dance and aerial pieces that extend and explore the film’s atmosphere, energy and nuances.

Weaving together all of these visual elements is the atmospheric soundscape of Minima’s avant-garde score, synthesizing electric guitar, cello, bass and drums into a fusion that is at times psychedelic, with movements that are beautiful and haunting.” (Compass Presents)

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