Please contact us at to discuss a booking. All bookings are made on the following terms:

Minima provide the musical accompaniment for a screening, but the responsibility for the event itself lies with the venue or booking agent, including providing all projection equipment (including a laptop or other device to play the film), and arranging and paying the screening licence fees. We have negotiated arrangements with the rights holders of certain films when using our performance, so please contact us in the first instance about this.

Minima can provide and engineer all sound and PA equipment for venues of up to around 500 capacity. We need a minimum of 90 minutes’ set-up time in the auditorium. We have slightly different configurations and instrumentation set-ups for each film. A general tech spec can be found here, and one specifically for screenings of Vampyr can be found here.

We need to make sure the edit of the film screened is consistent with what we have written for. We prefer to bring an electronic screening copy of the film so please clarify as early as possible if the screening copy is to be sourced from elsewhere. Brochure copy, of various word-counts, can be found using the following links: The Phantom of the Opera   The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari   The Lodger   Nosferatu   Vampyr

We can provide a PDF flyer and poster for your screening. We generally do not provide hard copy publicity materials but can do so at a cost. Images of the band and stills from the films can be found on our Flickr site. Please note that we do not own the copyright on any film stills and we cannot provide information on how to obtain publication permission.

We do not stipulate a non-tech rider as such, but a beer after the show would be much appreciated!